If Santa worked in Zara


What would be inside that big red bag! 19 things.

Oh, online shopping… This discover changed my life! For good and for a-bit-suicidal, off course (please don’t ask my friends and family..!). But it’s safe to say that shopping online really upgraded my relationship with fashion – from none to great. And guess which giant fast-fashion brand did it all for me? I remember the first day I opened Zara’s site just to browse, which is something (notice the past sentence:) I never used to do. And then not only I was stoked with the quality of their designs (even still without following high fashion designers I considered myself a decent-tasted gal), but with the clean aspect, and the well patterned and organized website.

That was a game-changer for me. Because come on, some people can disagree with me here, but most people I know DO NOT want to be approached by sellers 9 in 10 times they walk into a shop intending just to look around.

No, it’s not that my anti-sociability levels have rocketed high to the moon, but I do appreciate looking at stuff and analysing on my own time, without having someone standing next to me and staring at my moves. It’s just annoying. Not blaming on the workers – I was there myself once, too. They must do their jobs, I get it. But I want to have my time and piece, and even better, my pajamas on 😛 PLUS, the way some websites (I mean Zara, ZARA!) showcase their pieces on the photos not only helps we understand how they can be worn, but also gives us many ideas on how to creatively style all the other clothes we have. A gem. There are many tips for making your online shop experience better. But for that, we have time! 🙂 For Christmas, not so much, thought. It’s already around the corner.

I can already see the tip of Santa’s sleigh! So here are the best finds in Zara, for me, you, or any female person that you know, now. Oh come on, everybody loves Zara! Happy shopping!

High Neck Sweater
Herringbone High Waist Trousers
Body Shaping Leggings
Wide Pleated Trousers
Knitted Minimal Dress
Coat With Faux Fur Hood
Denim Dungarees
Extra Flared Trousers

jacquardcoatJacquard Printed Coat


Printed Jumpsuit
High Heel Retro Shoes
Cable Knit Skirt
Leather Ankle Boot Style Shoes
High-Top Sneakers
Velvet Hat
Embroidered High Heel Shoes
Over-The-Knee Leather Boots
Golden Earrings
Track Sole Bluchers

– My letter wasn’t that big, right Santa?


Published by

Tatiana Bastos

Born and raised in Brasil, studied advertisement at Mackenzie University in Sao Paulo. But from a small child knew to be taken head over feet by fine arts, illustration and photography. For that reason, studied at Panamericana School of Art and Design, also in Brazil, and then ventured to study at The Art Students League of New York, in Manhattan. After years of travels, decided to be based for half year on an inspiring island at the center of the blue aegean sea, in Greece, and half year on electric Berlin, Germany. Still a world traveller, healthy eater, art lover, diy do-er.

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